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The Course


You will find this spectacular 9 hole course lined with 50 year old plus gums and other native plants and trees making the course very tight.  The use of lakes on three of the holes and the good placement of bunkers guarding the holes will ensure each shot selection be made with much thought.  The greens are regarded as some of the very best in the area for a public golf course, with 6 of the greens being part of the old Southern Golf Club course.


Description of Holes


Hole 1 / 10              Par 4 - 287 Metres

This hole is a good opening hole with trees down both sides of the fairway.  Taking a 3 wood, your drive must be left of centre to avoid the trees jutting out on the right hand side.  With 4 bunkers surrounding the hole, accuracy is a must.


Hole 2 / 11         Par 4 – 312 Metes

This par 4 is a dog leg to the left with a large pond on the LHS just short of the green.  A drive down the RHS gives the best view of the green.


Hole 3 /12            Par 3 – 152 Metres

First of the Par 3’s with Out of Bounds down the RHS and Bunkers Front and on the LHS and bushes past the hole.   With the green sloping back to front an uphill putt is better.


Hole 4 / 13           Par 4 – 269 Metres

Don’t let the distance fool you.  There is water on the RHS along with dense trees and under growth.  To add to this there is an OOB all the way down the RHS of the hole.  When the wind blows this is a very tight driving hole.  Large bunker front left and a 2 tiered green makes for a solid approach shot.


Hole 5 / 14           Par 3 – 172 Metres

2nd of the Par 3’s which requires the correct club selection as the green is elevated with a slope on the left, and a large bunker on the right.  Just to add to the hole, it is OOB all the way down the RHS.


Hole 6 / 15           Par 5 – 472 Metres

This is the only Par 5 on the course.  This requires a drive down the LHS to avoid having a blind shot because of the trees on the RHS.  This hole dog legs back to the right with a mound and a bunker front left and a bunker on the right.  The big hitters can get home for two but take that on at your peril with an OOB all the way down the RHS.  This is a very strategic hole and needs careful planning.


Hole 7 / 16           Par 3 – 105 Metres

Don’t let this picturesque short hole fool you.  This pond has trapped many a good golfer due to the large tree which comes into play on the LHS and a green side bunker on the right.  Although this is a short hole the green makes up for it and many a three putt has been had.


Hole 8 / 17         Par 4 – 277 Metres

This hole has a slight dog leg to the left and with an OOB on the RHS.  The three fairway bunkers and three green side bunkers make this definitely a 3 wood driving hole for the big hitters.


Hole 9 / 18         Par 3 – 160 Metres

This is a very good finishing hole with OOB on the RHS and behind the green, with green side bunkers left and right.  Club selection is critical depending on which way the wind is blowing.

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